If you are reading this, it means my mission of vital importance to this nation has failed. It means that I am either lost or have been attacked by unknown forces. It means that I am wounded and there is a good chance I am probably now dead. I don’t know where you found this, but fear not, I most assuredly hid these documents in the safest hiding place available to me immediately before the time of my death.

On April 10, 1803, I was officially commissioned by the secretary to secretly document the Corpse of Discovery from the point of beginning in Saint Lewis to the ending point in some unknown land to the west. It made no difference to me if the Corpse lived to reach their destiny, gave up or died trying. My purpose was solely to record events and extend what is known about the people who originally set out to document the vast space between the Mississippi River and the shoreline of the Pacific Ocean. This apocrypha of the Corpse of Discovery exists as a result of my efforts between May 14, 1804 and the time of my death.

~the last witness to the Corpse of Discovery

Copyright © 2005 Mark Scott