Bottoms Up

Bottoms Down

first day of discovery

raining down with an infestations of arrows

and I lay claim to this land in the name of the United Stated of America

an itch I cannot scratch

I ran all day and all night

I think we are lost, paranoid and surrounded

Lake Disappointment

camp concentration

Floyd’s Bluff

first a finger, now a leg

lost, wounded and under attack

too close to the action

stick men of discovery

the spinning needle of a broken compass

an old piss bucket

corpse cuisine

lithium saved my life

getting dim

running for my life

I can still wipe my ass with the left hook

mop handle legs from that dead fellow Floyd

which son of three sons should we follow

the discovery of several new species of lice, mites, ticks and other vermin

I’ve got the good leg

one arm, one leg and 3 bad eyes

the last uneaten dog will be our new guide

months in the muck

nothing more than bloodied torsos

the last partially uneaten dog has run away

ocean in veiw

the map that changed North America