“Bottoms Up”

The best planning never involves planning. From my experience, planning never pencils out. My ‘plan’ is more spontaneous. His majesty, St. Lewis and I spent the entire sum of $2,500 given to us by the government on robust supplies of liquor, tobacco and firearms. We don’t need that other traditional supply stuff; we’ll shoot our way acrosst that bridge when we get there. And for our enjoyment while we’re away, the mercenaries feel that we should have as much tobacco and liquor on hand as possible. We have day to day standards that need to be met to make our journey as comfortable and leisureful as possible. We plan on smoking and drinking heavily for the duration of our trip. Being this our last night in civilization, Lewis and I made sure to inspect and sample each purchase, just to make sure they are not poisonous.

May 13, 1804

Copyright © 2005 Mark Scott