“first day of discovery”

I made my very first discovery after setting out on the very first morning of the Corpse of Discovery. My favorite wig that covers the bird poop shaped birth deformity centered with the apex of the top of my bald head was hit by an arrow, which happened to be flying through the air until it hit my hat. “I don’t know where it came from”, said Clark. Only under the effects of steady hypnotic concentration did I mention to Clark the missing details of the event, it happened like this

~ I was surly in the midst of discovery of new and wonderful discoveries and suddenly my life head jerked backwards as I was hit by and an arrow pierced my hat. I saw the words ‘pasado en España’ flash by. I hope this will not be a start of a change in the weather ~

Majesty Lewis
May 14, 1804

Copyright © 2005 Mark Scott