“and I lay claim to this land in the name of the United Stated of America”

Today as we traveled directly west for several weeks following the path of the moon. The Corpse of Discovery located the first signs of the fresh waters of the paxific ocean. Standing on the shoreline of the paxific ocean I suddenly lost continence in my trousers before I could remove them. Before the others caught wind, I then quickly proclaimed in a distraction, “And I lay claim to this land in the name of the United States of America”

We are overjoyed that our goal to find the ocean is complete. We found it, mission accomplished. The discovery was also completed well ahead of the expected budget, without exhausting the liquor our smoking up our most important provision, tobacco. Lewis and I then decided to be festive and drink the remaining liquor, smoke the remaining tobacco and use the remaining bullets to shoot at some grub. And just in time since I fear also I will soon loose a finger to the fight of deflection.

Governor Lewis
June 1, 1804

Copyright © 2005 Mark Scott