People of the Night

The Happy Night Man

Give me one Chinese Yaun, don't I look familiar? Aren't I your long lost Chinese brother? Yea, that's it! your long lost Chinese brother that needs some cash, you know how it is, I've got to laugh to keep from crying. And aren't I really your best friend, why I've been there when you needed a hand and becides, don't I need your money more than you do ?

The Underground

People must have been stumbling over this guy all day, who bye the way just happened to be crashed out in the middle of the only stair case descending into an dark underground walkway. The flash completely stunned him, he stood up quickly perhaps thinking he could get some free cash?

Tsingtao Breath

Maybe he just wants a refill ?

Give Me Your Tsingtao

My cup is empty and I need it more than you do.......

The Interceptor

The missing leg didn't slow him down, it was as if he were on stilts. He spotted me and immediately plotted an interception. I hurried across the street into the traffic where it was safer........