Waiting for Spring

Am I Amsterdam?

The bicyclist’s paradise



How can I tell the difference between American and European railway systems ?


Along the marbled banks of the Thames

Eiffel Park

It's always a nice day in the park


Princess Grace and more in a new window

Rebuilding Liberty

See New York in a new window


Under the cloak

Pope Francis

The one and only 007 Pope

Nice Fountain

And France in a new window

Northern Explorer

Along the west coast of B.C. there lies an old ship called MS Bottom Explorer. Back in 2006, Captain Karl Lilgert missed a turn and collided with Gil Island.

Someone said "approximately ten minutes after the bar closed" ? or while being distracted by something ? the ship struck Gil Island.

Firework Setup

always a pyro

Méta-Harmonie II, 1979

Museum Tinguely in Basel, Switzerland


Where only the most appropriate technology will work

Oregon Bicycle Map

The Oregon Bicycle Map exemplifies multi-media 3-D map art, where metal and geography come together to form something called Cartomation. The map is a kinetic mechanical 1:250,000 scale model of the State of Oregon. The original map is not printed on paper, but rather the map consists of real bicycle parts and a mechanical drive system that allows parts to move in a dynamic and interactive way.

VIA -vs- Bear

VIA train interrupts brown Bear's lunch time