Am I Amsterdam ?


Waiting for another Spring

Cape Town

South Africa's Great South Western Peninsula



Can't even believe this place...


Kuwait City

Outside the National Library on one of those word page book benches



Waiting for Spring


Along the marbled banks of the Thames

Eiffel Park

It's always a nice day in the park


Princess Grace and more in a new window

Rebuilding Liberty

See New York in a new window


The half mile tall tourist attraction in Tokyo. Let's go to the top of the Sky Tree !



Under the cloak

Pope Francis

The one and only 007 Pope

Nice Fountain

And France in a new window

Northern Explorer

Along the west coast of B.C. there lies an old ship called MS Bottom Explorer. Back in 2006, Captain Karl Lilgert missed a turn and collided with Gil Island.

Someone said "approximately ten minutes after the bar closed" ? or while being distracted by something ? the ship struck Gil Island.

Firework Setup

always a pyro

Méta-Harmonie II, 1979

Museum Tinguely in Basel, Switzerland


Where only the most appropriate technology will work

Oregon Bicycle Map

The Oregon Bicycle Map exemplifies multi-media 3-D map art, where metal and geography come together to form something called Cartomation. The map is a kinetic mechanical 1:250,000 scale model of the State of Oregon. The original map is not printed on paper, but rather the map consists of real bicycle parts and a mechanical drive system that allows parts to move in a dynamic and interactive way.

VIA -vs- Bear

VIA train interrupts brown Bear's lunch time