Cannon Beach

My three favorite photographers, Tanya, Lynn and Sheila

Ralph Nader

Thinking green on the campaign trail

The Mystic Seaport

On a super cold day in Connecticut

San Francisco

At one of my favorite places, on the waterfront at the Saint Francis yaught club

The Columbia River Gorge

The Washington Park's trail on Beacon Rock might need a little repair before someone, like me falls off and breaks their neck ?

Empire State

The brittle and cracked sandstone wall makes nice soveniers

Backlite Empire

In the lobby of the Empire State Building

Bridge to Nowhere

The old Florida Hwy 1 seems to be missing something ?

Hecita Head Lighthouse

One of Oregon's finest staircases to play on

Ape Cave(s)

Located just on the southern slopes of Mt. Saint Helen's are a series of lava tubes. Only one is open to the public.

Latourel Falls

The basalt cliffs of the Columbia River Gourge are a great place to find waterfalls

Biloxi Mississippi

The tourist trap sharks are at it again and have my wallet. However, this place and the rest of Biloxie were destroyed shortly after this picture was taken by Hurricane Katrina

Greenville Kansas

Another tourist attraction, the Deepest hand dug well in Greenville Kansas. It's too bad this building and the rest of the town were completely destroyed by a tornado shortly after this picture was taken

Mt Rainier

A hike on the mountain on a sunny winter day

Tulsa Oralhoma

You can't miss the giant 75 foot tall bronze hands of Les Schwab located in the parking lot of Oral Roberts University

Paradise Lodge

Located 5000 feet above the State of Washington in paradise

The Saturn-V(onBraun)

Standing under my favorite rocket at Cape Kennedy that took man to the moon thank's to Alabama's own Werner VonBraun. This is one of three that didn't get used in the race for space and is now being used as a NASA tourist attraction

Kennedy Space Capsule

This burn pattern was created as a result of going through the atmosphere really fast. And it's only got a thin piece of sheet metal behind it

Ski Utah

At the location of the winter Olympics in Park City

The Blue Men of Las Vegas

There is no shortage of paint in Las Vegas

New York New Year Bingo

Another entertaining night in New York, this time Bingo at the Bowery Poetry Club where I had to sit on stage next to these two while they performed their last Bingo gig of the year to a full house

Oregon Country Fair

On the second weekend of July in Veneeta, Oregon. It's like Disneyland, Oregon style

Walt's World

The mickey old theme park is now a hub to new theme parks

Key West

95 miles north of Cuba