Red Flower District

A bridge, waterway, road with parking and walkway, all in one in downtown Amsterdam

Central Station

Getting ready for that heavy mid-afternoon rainstorm in downtown Amsterdam

Amsterdam Park

Sitting on the willow tree along the quiet banks of Hippie Hypodermic Park located in Amsterdam

City Hall

Police on nikes and bikes survey the town square in front of Amsterdam City Hall keep the rowdy tourists in line

Sinking ?

The Rabobank building should be under water anyway

Ann Frank's House

The tourisis are lined up around the block to get into this building

The Nunnery

So there's a small village walled off from the city, imagine that ?


Darth is working the crowd with the force for change

Central Station

You can tell there is a higher level of train station and service in Amsterdam. This isn't Amtrak, they would have covered it up with vinal siding and drop ceilings in the 80's just to save money. There are two dials on the face of the building. The wind direction is the dial on the left. The clock on the right


The only grass covered one in downtown Amsterdam

That's not Thriftway

It's not Safeway either. The local grocery stores in Amsterdam all look like this