The grassy field will soon to be filled with the most modern buildings yet to be conceived

Reightag Dome

A modern glass dome with separate up and down spiral ramps

Reichtag Centerpiece

The nice security guard lady took this picture

The Bears

Another version of international fiberglass animals

Old Church

The church caught a few shells during the war. The dome was hammered. Fortunately it was re-built by the DDR

Berlin Radio Tower

The radio tower ball with elevator to the top

Channel 45

A big party under another Berlin glass dome that is large enough to cover an entire block

Berlin Wall

The new Art Wall

3-D Berlin Wall

Looking for a hardware store to get a hammer so I can get a real piece of the wall

Tear in the Wall

Und Sind

End of Walls

The beginning or end of the wall on the East side of Berlin next to the river

Brandenburg Gate

Many things have gone on here., This weekend, there's a 30' in diameter inflatable soccer ball inside the gate. Times have changed