Northern Explorer

Along the west coast of B.C. there lies an old ship called MS Bottom Explorer. Back in 2006, Captain Karl Lilgert missed a turn and collided with Gil Island.

Someone said "approximately ten minutes after the bar closed" ? or while being distracted by something ? the ship struck Gil Island.

Dive Canada

A demonstration of the mandatory safety equipment abord the MS Bottom Explorer

Northern Explorer

Coincidently about the same time, Gerald Foisy and Shirley Rosette vanished from the ship. Captain Karl Lilgert was eventually convicted of causing their deaths. Now there is a new ship. Somebody else said "it might be haunted"

2010 Olympic Flame

Vancouver held the XXI Olympic Winter Games in 2010. And the torch is still burning

Canada Day on Canada World

At the new convention Center

Mt Robson Park

Mount Robson Provincial Park is located entirely within eastern British Columbia and was created in 1913

Japser Park

Where nature is " Disgustingly Beautiful "

Jasper Lake

Another place where nature is Disgustingly Beautiful

Jasper Quicksand

At least the sign didn't say something about Alligator's

Jasper Mountain

Another place where nature is Disgustingly Beautiful

Jasper Pole

Two Brothers Totem Pole - 2011

VIA -vs- Bear

VIA train interrupts brown Bear's lunch time