Cinque Terre


The hilly coastal trail links all 5 Cinque Terre

Riomaggiore Mural

This mural won't last much longer, in fact the paint is peeling off as you read this

Vernazza Waterfront

A nice town I'd like to spend more time in


The Monterrosse Beach, a great place to wait for a train

Designer Rock Beach

At Torre Guardiola Beach, a nice place to collect some soveniers

Duo Terra

Cornglia on the cliff and Manarola, behind in the distance


Just outside Corniglia, on the scenic overlook

Cornglia Terrace

Someone said there was no food in Cornglia. I ate lunch there. Somewhere there is a trail that goes north from Cornglia to Vernazza along these terraced slopes.

Corniglia - Manarola

Duo Terre........


The other side of Manarola, the sixth city of Expando Terra


Along the high cliff wall above the Manarola marina..

Riomaggiore Shoreline

Somewhere along the 5-Euro trail

Tunnel of Love

Buy a lock at the gift shop 8-Euro and lock it somewhere along the trail, this was the most popular spot, besides anywhere else you could put a lock

A Riomaggiore Mosaic

More like Rio Photo-maggi-shop-ore

Cinque Terre - Marine Protected Area

A reason to charge more for tickets and parking ?


Another scenic place among many at Cinque Terre

Cinque Terre, Monterosso - Riomaggiore

Take a nice hike in one of Italy's National Parks, 5-Euro

Sunset in Monterosso

A nice place to wait for the train back to Genova