H.G. "Andy" Anderson

He's everywhere in Copenhagen

Church of Our Savior

Vor Frelsers Kirke, with an inspiring spiral that gives the tower the appearance that it is tilted. The pipe organ and carillon are the largest in Europe. Too bad its always closed due to construction :-( did I mention it's right across the street from Christania :-)

The Little Mermaid

H.G. Andersons other book, 'Little Mermaid' and soon to be moved further from the shoreline so fewer tourists can climb on it. And perhaps prevent people from hack sawing off its head, again.


The third best place in Copenhagen

Copenhagen Orange

This is the color I'm going to paint the world

Hidden Entrance to Christania

This mural is located at the main entrance to Christiania's secret entrance, just across the street from the Savior Church.

Church of Obsidian

It's super cool !


This is a great place to eat and be entertained

Whale of a deal for Dinner

It might be available at practically every restaurant here.....

End of the Line

It's customary in Denmark to torch a boat at the end of each regatta