Free Town (aka) Christiania

Christania Birds Eye View

Christiania Birds Eye View

Located in the city center of Copenhagen Denmark is this the 85 acre sanctuary called Christiania is the areas number one tourist attraction. A very successful social experiment. The layout is pretty simple and has contains everything you need to build house and live for cheap.

Give Christiania your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free, the wretched refuse of your teeming shore. Send these, the homeless, tempest-tossed to Christiania.

Christiania Map

This map illustrates the ramparts can be found throughout Christiania along the waters edge.

Main Entrance

This mural is located at the main entrance to Christiania, entrance across the street from the Savior Church.

Christiania History Mural

Located inside the information building, the mural graphically illustrates the sequential chronology of the establishment of Christania from millitary barracks and grounds in 1971.

Christiania History Mural, cont....

On September 4th 1971, while no one was looking, people moved in and established a new community. Along with it came new problems, the police. Because the community openly accepts anyone, sketchy people have a tendancy to show up and stay.

Outdoor Art

The people of Christiania have developed their own style of artwork.

Rising from the ash

An interesting mural with the golden bird on one side and a ruined city on the right.

Christiania Stained Glass

Not exactly like the church down the street, but just right for Christania

Clowns -vs- Cops Protest

The Christianian Clowns are always dressing up and having fun with the cops. The cops also dress up in costume riot gear and play with the Christanians.

Chief Christiania

A painting of the famous Native American Sitting Bull near the main square is faded, but just think what the Chief would say if he could talk?

Burning Love

There are no cars in Christiania, however there are some clunkers that have a distinctive Christiania look parked in the surrounding community.

Before and After

An old photo of the millitary base, its weapons and bunkers that existed on this site before Christania. These before and after pictures can be found throught Christiania.

Christania Housing

A collection of houses shacks and shantys made from all kinds of things that include traditional construction materials and found objects. Electricity, sewer and water connections are present on nerly every house. The construction of new houses has been banned by the local government, but construction continues.

Housing Poster

Take a close look at this poster containing examples of Christiania housing.

Outdoor Framed Mural

It's just like having an outdoor Louvre in Copenhagen.

Moon Fisher

The back door of the Moon Fisher Cafe.

Moon Fisher Cafe

The safest cafe in the world because perhaps they have the best doughnuts in the world ?

Outdoor Mural

A fresh mural ready for an overcoat of graffiti

Christiania Wall Graffiti

Christiania's symbology for, "Saying No to Hard Drugs"

36 years of Christiania in 2007

Another poster stuck to a door somewhere inside Christiania.

Christiania Summer Dance 2002

Annual festivals during the summertime in Copenhagen aren't nearly as good as the annual festivals in Christiania.

Christiania 1994

Climb on board for more Christiania fun !

The Exit

Welcome back to the European Union