Genova Church

Hidden along the long and narrow streets are all of the unique historic landmarks that other rich European cities have. It's just that in Genova, all of these things are less obvious because they are surrounded by 4-6 story buildings. This photo is a good example of a distant church that is in the daylight in contrast to the dark and narrow passageways that surround it. The whole of Italy can be reflected in Genova alone, no need to go any further. Genova is the most traditional city in Italy and is known as the home of saints, cousins, seafarers, artists, innovators and now tourists.

Basilica di Carignano

Looking out above the bustling Genova shipyards, this renaissance church stands well above most others and it is known since 1502 as the church built of bitterness. They're Italian so that's completely normal.

Another Genova Church

The typical marble, crosses on every peak and all of the other things you would expect to see in an old Italian church

Church Bell Tower

This one has a tile mosaic roof

More Church

At the end of a bustling Genova city street

and more church

The yellow church of Genova

The Tower

The tall Genova tower near the old city wall

San Lorenzo Cathedral

Built in 1098 and dedicated to San Giovanni Battista

San Lorenzo Glass

Only the finest stained glass can be found at the San Lorenzo in Genova

San Lorenzo Altaray

One of many places in Genova covered with golden goodness

San Lorenzo Columnsss

Another robust church column in Genova

San Lorenzo, Curio Cornerss

This bomb was launched by the British fleet during World War II. While breaking down the walls of this famous cathedral, it did not explode - made in Britan.

San Lorenzo, Glass Jesus ss

Providing saftey and security to the church

Genova Deutchebank


City Wall Detail

The plaque is located near the house of Christopher Columbus

Over a Doorway

Another wall decoration above a doorway near the Port of Genova

Street Bird

Random things are found on the streets of Genova

Genova City Wall

The open door of the old city wall in Genova

Palazzo di Municipio - UNESCO Site

In commemoration to the people who named the streets of Genova

Store Doorway

The open door of the corner grocery store in Genova, come on inside for a few great values

The Neptune Pirate Ship

Where else but Genova and this Pirate Ship is floating and sailable up to the speed of 5 knots. Not propped up and painted cardboard, but almost. It was made for the 1986 movie called PIRATES ?

Neptune Pirates

With the golden reliefs of pirates on the starboard bow

Genova Pirate Map

Also with golden relief and everything you would expect from a real Pirate Map of Genova