Cutty Sark

See it before it's too late. It's too late! The original 1869 ship was gutted by fire on May 21, 2007. The new Franken-Sark won't be finished until 2012

Big Ben

Remember, remember the fifth of November ?

Hyde Park

And the Serpentine River flows through it

Serpentine Bridge

This bridge separates Hyde Park with the Kensington Gardens

The Tower Bridge

Located along the Tames River and built in the 1890's, it works with elaborate system of hydrolic pumps and pistons which are used to raise and lower the two draw spans that Robbie Madison jumped on July 13, 2009

Buckingham Palace

A large gate is a transparent curtain where the royal side can peek out to see what the non-royal side is doing. Or vica-verca

Westminster Abbey

The romanesque tombstone for Charles Darwin

The Prime Meridian

Thank's to the bi-mettalic strip inside John Harrison's Clock, the Prime meridian is here in Greenwich instead of in the U.S.A.

The old Greenwich Observatory

Follow the green lazer to the observatory where the H1-H4 clocks on display a nice view of the Millenium Dome

Nothing Hill

Nothing happening on Notting Hill


What's next ?