Rebuilding Liberty

Somewhere on Liberty Island replacing an IV bag with a crane

Square Times

Does anyone know what time it is ?


Another night on the old JFK


Waiting to go back in action


Waiting to get back in action

Intreped Museum Inside

Under the flight deck inside the floating Intreped museum

Intreped Museum Outside

On Pier 86 at the foot of West 46th Street

Pier 86

Out the side door

Katz's Deli

Where Sally met Harry

Enterprize 1976

The first shuttle and the one that was never capable of space flight. Formerly named the Titanic

Enterprize Aft

Created by Nixon, Cristened by Carter and tarp-n-tired by Obama


What Hurricane ?

Landing Gear

All clean up after duperSandy

Tarp and Tire

Stuper-duper Storm Sandy

Landing Gear

Are those Les Schwabb's ?