Bruno Noce


In Genova from left to right: Maddalena, John pops in and out on the lower left, Lugiana and Bruno.......


In Genova, Bruno pops in behind his mom Elena, dressed in black with the purse. From left to right: Lugiana, Bruno, Elena, Frank, Mary, Maddalena and John.......


Bruno grew up to be a man amongst men. His life long pursuit of being content with his life, family and environment. Growing up on in the hills southeast of Genova, Bruno learned what it meant to work the land, to build and maintain his portion of a community during his time. He was able to enjoy both urban and rural lifestyles, living in Genova and Pian dei Manzi.

Bruno was one of the nicest guy's anyone could ever meet. He's the kind of guy that would certainly go out of his way to help you. Forward thinking, Bruno had the foresight to collect and save family photos and documents so these memories can be enjoyed today and passedalong to future generations who what to be reminded of and understand where they've come from.