A small place known for cheap sweaters located on the southwestern Norwegian coastline

Belly Out !

How come this hasn't caught on in the U.S........?

Castle Walls

This migh tbe the outdoor BBQ fault

The Church

Pre-Lutheren Crystal Palace


One day someone will discover the Saturn V in the peet

On Guard

The shiftyness of a Norwegian Guard on duty


Just another day at the mall ?

Bergen's Maze

Lonely Planet made no mention of the maze of crazy buildings on Bergen's waterfront. Hurry before it burns down

The Top Floor

Who knew this maze of buildings in Bergen was so much fun, like crawling inside of the Winchester Barn


Like Yosemite forever

Where am I ?

Kilometers from places I don't know.........? At least the train is coming soon to take me to a known place on the map


Why do whales really get killed ? So we can get a free sample