"La Villa, il paese del sole"


Percorso Parade

One day while driving in the hills in northern Italy I came across a parade.

Decorative Bulls

I jumped out of the car and began taking pictures

Hauling Hay

That's the hard way to haul hay, on your back

Narrow Streets

The parade dove into the narrow streets of Percorso

The Parade Continues...

Everything ended up coming down the narrow streets

Dressed for the part

And the parade continues through the narrow streets

Percorso Accordion

The music rings down the streets

Percorso Bakery

After lunch my little cousin Stephano and I stop for a picture

Percorso Door

With Flowers

A Man and His Machine

The fine tuned machine was on display for the day

Percorso Sheep

A demonstration of sheep shearing

Piantina del Percorso

The route map showing activities and events along the way

Your Table is Ready

I can't think of a better backdrop for a picnik