Eilean Donan Castle

This place located along Loch Duich is like a fairy tale, even from the parking lot

Loch Duich

From the inside of the Eilean Donan Castle

Duich Side Door

Mind your head and your wallet

A country place

A mid-morning stop on the way to Edinberg at this country roadside bridge near the spooky haunted castle I slept at the night before

War Paint

The Scot's at war

Loch Ness

The beautiful grass covered hills of Loch Ness

The Scott Monument

Located along Princes Street in downtown Edinburg, the 200 foot tall Sir Walter Scott monument is built of sandstone and shale. It's amazing to see as your climbing the monument, it gets smaller and smaller and somehow stays together. It's black and seems to be getting blacker, soon it's going to need a shower

Sir Walter Scott 1771-1832 1

A large statue of Walter Scott, deputy sherrif and author of Rob Roy and Ivanhoe

Edinburg Castle

A night scene standing in the middle of High Street with the bronze age Edinburg Castle in the background

Isle of Skye

A random photo while letting the rental car cool off

Isle of Skye

It looks like a good place for a game of golf

Edinburg Hill

With a panoramic view looking out over the shipyards of Edinburg

Eilean Donan Castle Bridge

Fairies wear boots and wool socks