St. Mark's Roof Ornaments

If you're looking for gold deep inside the Venetian Lagoon you'll find it at St. Marks Square

St. Mark's Basilica

See it before the high water covers it

St. Mark's Square Clock

Only one hand travels around twelve zodiac symbols. Just think, it could be almost half past Scorpio, or quarter to Libra

Palazzo Ducale

The Duke's Palace, is this Las Vegas

Palazzo Ducale Detail

The new Las Vegas is spectacular

Palazzo Ducale Details

Every detail is amazing and every proportion is perfect

Side of St. Mark's

Even the alley has scenic overlooks and golden highlights

Piazzetta San Marco

From the top of the adjacent bell tower

St. Mark's Tour

The main floor entrance is free and only 4-Euro to go to the second floor outdoor patio - no bags - no cameras

Piazzetta San Marco

While your waiting in line to have your bags checked for cameras, see the decorations above the side door of St. Mark's - Palazo Ducale from the patio on the second floor

Inside St. Mark's

Wall to wall golden tile reflect the light with just one camera flash

Inside St. Mark's Basilica

More gold tiles light-up inside the St. Mark's Bassilica

From floor to ceiling

Even the floors are spectacular inside the St. Mark's Basilica

Inside St. Mark's

The flashy gold coatings continue

Inside St. Mark's

The Ascension Dome inside St. Mark's is illuminated nicely with the camera flash

Inside St. Mark's

The walls and ceilings are very detailed with small tile, I especially like the way the gold reflects the camera flash

Inside St. Mark's

An illuminated curved ceiling made of gold tile

Inside St. Mark's

The Small Dome of Joseph located above the visitors gift area near the exit door

Piazzetta San Marco

From the 4-Euro second floor patio of St. Mark's

Venice Bridge

Water street

Venice Street

More water, more bridges

Ponte de Rialto

Transit and retail together

Under Ponte de Rialto

Was once the only bridge that crossed the Grand Canal

Rialto Transpo

The 100-Euro Gondola

The Grande Canal

There's the free bus - vaporetti gratis

Venice Sidewalk-Bridge

All of the Venicians are gone

Water Street

Another quiet street in Venice

Santa Croce Gondola's

Wanna get wet ? These gondola's are decked out with fine furniture and exotic carpet

San Marco

The bell tower at St. Mark's Square makes a nice reference point for walking around town

San Marco

Waiting for a gondola

Mapping the Studio

The small boy with a frog and a security guard

Church of the Madonna Della Salute

Completed in 1681

The Venetian Road

Let's go fishing !

Santa Croce

Am I still in Vegas ?

Victor Emmanuel

From a battle long ago. There is some guy on a horse above, buy who cares about that when the best part of this statue is here at ground level

Sunday Market

Tomatos anyone ?

Sunday Market

Fish anyone ?

San Polo

Lost again somewhere in Venice....