The Oregon Bicycle Map

By Mark Scott

September 9, 2012      


The Oregon Bicycle Map exemplifies multi-media 3-D map art, where metal and geography come together to form something called Cartomation. The map is a kinetic mechanical 1:250,000 scale model of the State of Oregon.  The original map is not printed on paper, but rather the map consists of real bicycle parts and a mechanical drive system that allows parts to move in a dynamic and interactive way. The Oregon Bicycle Map was created between June and September 2012 with a variety of new and used parts that were obtained from local bike stores in Portland and Vancouver. If it were a bike, it could be called a 36 speed, so perhaps in this situation; it is a 36 speed map.

The mechanical parts represent the significant bicycling amenities that can be found throughout the state. The general placement of sprocket hubs correspond to 35 locations of selected cities. The diameter of the steel pipe was sized according to traffic volume as interpreted from an illustration in the Atlas of Oregon. The use of straight steel pipe gives the appearance of generalization to connecting lines between a cluster of points. Movement of the internal parts represents the connections between these features that define bicycle pathways to all corners of the State of Oregon.

Specifications: The Oregon Bicycle Map

The Toolbox: (may your GIS tools never get dull)

Special Thanks:  To the following for their help and advice before, during and after the construction of the Oregon Bicycle Map:

Awards:  URISA 50th Anniversary GIS-PRO 2012 - Portland Oregon