Oregon Bicycle Map

The Oregon Bicycle Map exemplifies multi-media 3-D map art, where metal and geography come together to form something called Cartomation.

Click for Cascadian Cartography video

Starry Night

Friday night at Moma's

Fatamorgana, Méta-Harmonie IV, 1985

Museum Tinguely - Basel, Switzerland


Micro-technology in computers has made significant advances in a relatively short period of time. However, if there were ever a computer Stone Age, we’re in it now. And shouldn’t we be as long as the computer [core] is made from the same silicon based material most common rocks are made from ? The 386 is intended to take you back to an even simpler time, at the dawn of the stone age of modern computing where analog springs, chains and gears ruled the day.

Scream 1.0

Edvard Munch - The Scream

Scream 0.75

Edvard Munch - More Screams

Scream 0.50

Edvard Munch - Still Screaming


"Thanks for the lack of security"

Olive Trees

Vincent Van Gogh - 1889


Genesis and Impact of Tsunamis in the European Coasts


And the meek shall enherit the Portland Art Museum

MOMA Anthropometric

The Measure of Man, Henry Dreyfuss - 1950


Where is he now ?

Naselle Man

Naselle Man is a 500 pound mechanical forest processing beast. Watchout, it might be coming to a forest near you ?


What really happened ?


With a birds color-infrared-eye view

Columbia Pacific

A birds eye view from the Pacific Ocean looking eastward to the Cascades - 1913

Man Bear Pig

At the Louvre

Urge to Stand

Chico MacMurtrie / Amorphic Robot Works

Urge to Fail

Fail Army

Liberty Leading the People

Eugène Delacroix - 1830

University of Washington 1909

A copy of a original map found inside a waterproof box buried in some random Washington backyard

Portland 1890

Open the viewer to see the great detail contained within this map

Portland 1879

This one also contains fantastic cartographic detail, especially the standing text on the Willamette River


Astoria panoramic with three battleships in the Columbia River

South Bend

The Pacific County Courthouse overlooking SouthBend and Willapa River

Visit Palestine

A copy of an original 1940's tourist poster from Palestine

Cape Disappointing

1860 - Present: Still waiting for someone to Attack

Lewis & Clark

This mis-adventure starts here

Alice is Down

Over time, the Long Beach Peninsula has grown to the west. As a result, the present location of the Alice is in someones backyard

Clam Digging

At the wreck of the Alice, a popular landmark for Surfside, on the Long Beach Peninsula

Alice by Moonlight

The Alice continues to sink. The ships cargo of 22,000 tons of cement is pulling it down into a hole

Alice in Surf

That's me on the right

Alice in Chains

Going down in another hole


On the road again


From 3 feet away with I-Phone 1


And the Mona people came from miles around just to see it