What Really

Happened on

September 11, 2001


Tower Two

Obviously there were no terrorists, no airplane, no jet fuel, no design error, no short-cut construction by the lowest bidder, no cheapened construction materials, no explosive paint nor any sabotage used in the destruction of these buildings. These photos should prove without a doubt how the buildings were really destroyed.

An invisible thermal inversion condition existed during the morning. The weather itself created a local atmospheric anomaly that produced a virtual reflection. The appearance of an airplane was nothing more than a virtual image projected and amplified from microscopic water vapor in direct sunlight. The weather phenomena also nearly completely blocked the view of what really happened.

Tower Two Collapse

News footage and press photography rarely show the collapse of Tower Two from this vantage point, the northeast corner on the 57th floor of the old ACME Building. This photo clearly shows what caused this building to collapse.

From Space

The proof from the vantage-point of space. After the collapse of the buildings, this photo clearly shows the entry point onto Manhattan Island and the subsequent path of destruction.