GIS Projects



2003-Present: Development of unique GIS applications that are currently being used by rural cities and counties in the Columbia Pacific region to access taxlots, addressing, zoning, elevation and other important (spatial) information. Recently Cartomation has been experimenting with the addition of non-spatial information in municipal GIS The application makes small cities along the coast operate more efficiently by providing an easy way anyone can access documents via a GIS application. Read More......


Port of Willapa Harbor Strategic Master Plan

2005: Compilation of a strategic master plan for a small port located in Southwest Washington. The final document is currently being used as an effective planning tool and guide to make the ports goals come true. Read More.......


Tsunami Escape Maps

2005: Development of maps containing special information that can be helpful to plan a tsunami escape. The set of six maps covers the extent of the Long Beach Peninsula located in Southwest Washington. See More.....


Washington State University Cranberry Research

2000-2004: Development of a method to monitor the diffusion of chemical pesticides and herbicides in surface water which might be flowing through cranberry bogs located in Gray Harbor County, Washington. Made new, spatial data collected field data in the summers between 2000 and 2004. GIS tricks such as event modeling in a dynamically segmented stream network. Practical themes were mapped for the benefit of cranberry growers and to promote a local healthy environment.


Pacific County Fire District No. 1, First Responder Map Atlas

2003-2004: Development of a map atlas local fire and medic services are presently using to more easily and quickly respond to emergencies.


Puget Sound Map

2002-2003: Development of an old way to look at a new place, the intersection of natural landscape and some cooked-up 30 meter DEM, Bathymetry and TM imagery.


Washington Coast Map

2002: Development of a 1:100,000 scale Washington Coast Map containing more than 100 data sets from a number of Washington State and Federal agencies.


Bike Transportation Alliance Bike Map

2001-2002: Development of a bicycle friendly transportation and recreation map for the Columbia-Pacific region located at the mouth of the Columbia River. The BTA has produced 10,000 copies for distribution in Oregon and Washington.


Columbia Pacific Adventure Map

2001: Development of a fun kind of map that takes liberty with local knowledge, place names and historical events. This map won the peoples choice award at the local GIS users group map contest.


Oregon Coast Map

2000-2001: Development of a 1:250,000 scale Oregon Coast Map, which contains more than 500 data sets from a number of State of Oregon and Federal agencies.


Foundation Engineering, Map of 1880's Surface Hydrography of Portland

2000: Foundation Engineering: Creation of a map containing historic shorelines of the Willamette River and adjacent wetlands in downtown Portland, Oregon 1880- 2000. This work was used in a study related to the Portland’s West side combined sewer overflow project.


Taxlot Map of Pacific County

December 1999: Three years after I started working on this in Pacific County, the first county wide taxlot layer was completed and incorporated into a special set of Christmas maps. Read More....


Bear River Dike Removal

1999: These data sources supply a wealth of information by capturing past site conditions.A knowledge of the many dynamic states from the sites past can be used to predict more accurately the outcome and effectiveness of future planning efforts.We really want to know is the Bear Riverís effectiveness at the site for potential channel migration patterns, overland flows, and vegetation changes, each has been effected or even subdued by the presence of a dike.. Read More....


Pacific Conservation District, Anadromous Fish Distribution of the Willapa Basin

1999: Developed GIS data and a cartographic method used to illustrate the spatial distribution of complex in-channel large woody debris in a 4 mile section of the Palix River system.

1998: Developed GIS data and an effective cartographic method used to simultaneously illustrate the spatial distribution of several fish species in the Willapa Basin.


Atlas of the Long Beach Peninsula, Washington

1998: Design and production of an easy to read map book for areas within the Long Beach Peninsula. Since 1998, over 25,000 copies of this map book have been printed and sold.


GPS Forest Road Hazards Assessment

1997: The purpose of this survey form is to identify and document areas that are probable sources of sediment delivery to rivers, streams, and tributaries within the forest road network in the Willapa Bay Watershed. A significant number of drainage problems that contribute sediment to a water body can be identified through visual cues, such as water flow along a road surface, a collapsed culvert, or a landslide. The goal of this survey is to collect information about identifiable sediment sources and their associated drainage problems. Read More......


The Guidebook to Salmon Habitat Restoration Data

1997: This document provides an introduction, overview, and the documentation for the most comprehensive database on salmonid habitat in the Willapa Bay Basin of Southwest Washington State called the Willapa Salmonid Habitat Database. The database contains detailed information on the extent and condition of stream and riparian zone habitat. The database supplements the existing databases managed by the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife (WDFW) and the Washington Department of Natural Resources (WDNR) in geographic extent, content, and also provides more current data. This database was developed through the collaborative efforts of the Pacific Conservation District Salmon Habitat Restoration/Fisher Assistance Program and The Willapa Alliance. Read More....... See More......


The Willapa Basin Atlas

1996-1997: Development of spatial data and GIS maps for the people of Pacific County via the geography of the Washington State designated WRIA 24 Basin. Maps created for the Willapa Alliance, (a non-profit facilitator of local sustainable economic development) contained many kinds of environmental themes to suit many purposes. This was made possible entirely under the direction of the boss, Rev. Dan'l Markham (former commissioner, Pacific County) Read More......


Northwest Industrial Area Neighborhood - Street Tree Map

1996: Creation of a spatial database consisting of street trees within Oregon's largest industrial area. Field work was carried out during the summer of 2006. Information about tree species and potential growing , A few years later this inventory was converted to digital data followed by a publication: J. Poracsky and M. Scott. 1999. "Industrial Area Street Trees in Portland, Oregon." Journal of Arboriculture 25(1):9-16. Read More......


1880-1990 Surface Water Changes, Portland Oregon

1995: Development of a digital atlas of surface water changes in Portland, Oregon based on spatio-temporal data obtained from 1:10,000-1:40,000 scale sources. Read More.....


Phillip Williams and Associates

1996: Created data required to performed a GIS evaluation of temporal changes to the extent of surface water in the Tillamook Bay Basin between 1880 and 1996. Created a large-scale map of the Tillamook Basin with temporal GIS data. Title: An Envoronmental History of the Tillamook Bay Estuary and Watershed.

1995: Performed a GIS analysis of certain soil types within the Willamette Valley for Kevin Coulton P.E. Created a large-scale landuse map set of the Willamette Valley indicating prime farm areas in relationship to the flood plane. Title: An Evaluation of Flood Management Benefits through Floodplain Restoration on the Willamette River, Oregon, U.S.A.


Hydrothermal Exploration of SE Oregon

1993-1994: Development of a working set of field maps for a third of the land surface in the State of Oregon. The purpose was to create new GIS data from collected field data and non-digital sources at the Oregon Department of Geology and Mineral Industries. This work was done under the direction of Dr. Miceal Cummings, professor of Geology, Portland State University.


Street Tree Base Maps for neighborhoods in Portland Oregon

1994: Development of a way to use ARC-Info, the 'Proacsky-vac' and a E-scale pen plotter to create base maps and data for use in what would become one of the largest street tree inventory projects in Oregon. Read More.......


The Irvington Neighborhood Street Tree Base Map, Portland Oregon

1993: Development of a way to use ARC-Info, the 'Proacsky-vac' and a E-scale pen plotter to create base maps and data for use in what would become one of the largest street tree inventory projects in Oregon. Read More.......


Portland Metropolitan Greenspaces

1991-1992: Rigorous map production based on the spatial analysis of existing data in the Portland Metropolitan Area, especially when considering that somehow the work was done on a 25 Mhz 386 'Poracsky-vac' computer with the 200 Mb hard drive and the 8 megs of RAM.


Fishhawk Lake Landslide Study

1990-1991: Investigation of causes of sedimentation in the (man-made) Fishhawk Lake located at the base of 23 square mile watershed with active timber operations. This project was supervised by (the late) Dr. Leonard Palmer.


Gray Creek, Oakridge Oregon

1988: Collected field data to create digital spatial map used to display woody debris on a stream located in the central Oregon Cascades.