Joseph Poracsky and Mark Scott.

Department of Geography, Portland State University, Portland, OR 97207-0751.

The Northwest Industrial Neighborhood Association (NINA) district

consists of 1,621 acres of privately-owned land south of the St. John's

bridge and between Portland's West Hills and the Willamette River.  In an

effort to upgrade the appearance of the district, NINA officials have

embarked on a program of planting approximately 100 street trees a year over

a ten-year period.  In late spring, 1996, the Portland State University

Cartographic Center performed an inventory of street trees and prepared a

map locating existing trees and potential planting sites. The 1 inch = 200

feet map portrays the locations of 966 street trees, 5 shrubs, and 1,135

planting opportunity sites.  The district stocking level of 46% is

dramatically lower than that found in two recent inventories of

non-industrial areas of greater Portland, but was felt to be high for an

industrial area.  The final report also included a set of ten

recommendations regarding the proposed plantings and the report and map are

being used by NINA officials to guide the planting program.  The first set

of trees were planted in the fall of 1996.