Willapa Alliance GIS

The Willapa Alliance has worked hard to create the most comprehensive basin wide geographic information spatial data base system available to any rural community in the region.  This accomplishment is just one aspect of the Willapa GIS desire to provide the local community with powerful tools and perspectives that help to foster sustainable economic development through science and understanding. Willapa GIS provides a growing collection of spatial data that increases the level of detail related to important issues, such as the changing landscape of the Willapa ecosystem via human activities.  The Willapa GIS provides a means of expressing local interests in science, literature, industry, government, art - with their ecosystem and the importance of sustainable development in protecting natural resources. 

GIS for 1997 and beyond the Willapa GIS is designed to promote sustainable development through interaction with social, economic and ecological health organizations within the basin. The Willapa GIS effects change in the local community by educating people in various civic and environmental organizations as to the benefits of a GIS.  Community groups then incorporate GIS methods into their workplace to improve efficiency and awareness of the community.    

The Willapa GIS provides immediate benefits to the local community by providing information from a wide variety of sources. This information can be used in the analysis of topics like: Sustainable Development, The Willapa Economy and Environment, Bio-diversity and Rural Watershed Communities, Willapa Geology, Natural and Human History, Ecological Processes, Willapa Natural Resource Users (farmers, fishers, timber industry, etc.), Chinook Native American Culture, and Career Planning In The Willapa. 

The Willapa Aliance Data Dictionary