Three Volcanoes Map

November 2003: Pacific – Cascade, includes three volcanoes (Mt. Adams, Mt. St. Helen’s, Mt. Rainier) and three major Pacific Coast estuaries (Gray’s Harbor, Willapa Bay and the mouth of the Columbia River) 1:150k finished scale. This map contains 2001 Landsat7 (30) meter (bands 1-3) true color, with a topographically shaded 10 meter DEM.

The Long Beach Peninsula Map

2 meter 2011 NAIP with 2 meter LiDAR Imagery

Great Northern

The Map that built the West


The European GITEC Tsunami Catalog GIS: Includes Validity, Location, Date, Size and Source for Tsunamis ocurring in Europe between 6000 B.C. and 1995 A.D.


The U.S. Ex. Ex. 1841 Survey: Includes the location of Fort's, Indian Villages, Mission's, Farms with place names and other interesting details.

Historic Pacific County 1899

Teaching an old map new electronic tricks, see Pacific County as you've never seen before.....

Landsat 7 , November 2006

The stripping along the beach is due to a bad sensor.....


The second best map of the Pacific Northwest you can get in Holland.....

Pacific Northwest World

The International Space Station hovers above the sperical world from a Pacific Northwest perspective.

The Puget Sound Map

October, 2003: The Puget Sound, from Olympia to Canada, 1:150k finished scale, (30”x80”) a composition made with and shaded bathymetry, 2001 Landsat7 (30) meter (bands 1-3) true color, with a topographically shaded 10 meter DEM. This map has been used to expand the understanding of glaciation in the Puget Sound.

Fort Canby Discovery Map

This Columbia Pacific playground is a place everyone should visit and enjoy. This area is known as the 'Graveyard of the Pacific' located at the southwest tip of Washington State, at the mouth of the Columbia River....

Tsunami Escape Maps

The recent tsunami threat on the west coast has my attention.

Drive America 2002

February 2002, Ric Vrana and I drove from Portland, Oregon to Key west, Florida.......

Willapa Bay Spartina Invasion Map

June 2003: Willapa Bay, Spartina Invasion 2001 (1:12k source scale), color infrared, aerial photography mosaic 1:16k finished scale (36”x80”). Maps like this are used for Spartina control.......

Columbia Pacific Adventure Map

April 2002: Columbia Pacific Adventure Map GIS in Action 2002 People’s Choice map contest winner. (34”x 44”). There are only 15 known copies of this map that have ever been printed.......

Columbia Pacific Bike Map

A draft sample of the BTA "Columbia Pacific" bicycle map, made in 2003. Paper copies are presently available in many locations around the Pacific Northwest......

The Oregon Coast Map

February 2001, The Oregon Coast, Illustrates the dramatic underwater landscape off the coast of Oregon at 1:100k finished scale, (30”x80”) extending 100 miles West to the continental shelf. This map includes a shaded relief ocean floor mosaic with contour lines, containing over a million existing NOAA bathymetric soundings. Several versions and sizes of this map exist and this one is the most recent. 2005 undersea cable crossings...

Planet KMUN

The best radio station on Earth, see for yourself?

Pacific Northwest Cascades

The white areas (ice) appears on individual mountains, such as Mt. Rainier in the lower left.


Originally compiled and printed National Survey Map of Palestine, August, 1944. The original 1:250,000 scale North and South sheets are presented dynamically. This map is not considered to be an authority on the delineation of international boundaries.

Download PDF Formatted File 9,689 kb

Pacific County Fish Distribution Map

April 2000: Fish Distribution in Pacific County GIS in Action 2000, People’s Choice map contest winner. , 1:75k finished scale (34”x44”).

GIS DAY 2006 Columbia Pacific

Come and Play on GIS DAY in Astoria, Oregon.....

Washington Coast Map

April 2003: The Coast of Washington State from Astoria to Victoria, 1:150k finished scale, (30”x 80”). This map is illustrated with 2001 Landsat7 (30) meter (bands 1-3) true color, with a topographically shaded 10 meter DEM, includes bathymetric contours and shading. The white spot on the upper right are the Olympic mountains. This map is available in only very limited numbers.......

Cape Columbia

The place you've always been looking for it, but since you've never been to Cape Columbia, you've never found it.......

Crop Smiley

CIR air photograph with spartina.......

Adventure Map V

The adventure continues......

Coastal Watersheds

A collection of maps used to plan fish and forest recovery projects.